Stirixis supports your business’ growth and success by providing the highest quality services in tax and financial consulting.

Leading you on the path to success

Mr. Ioannis Kakaliouras, Managing Director of Stirixis, is an expert in the areas of tax and business consulting, with significant experience over many years.

Leading the company since its founding in 1996, he has been deeply involved with company and real estate taxation, tax planning and intra-group transactions.

In addition, he has substantial experience in setting up companies, financial audits and diagnostic tax audits to identify future tax charges.

He also consults on issues relating to mergers and acquisitions, tax optimization and international tax planning.


We deal with every challenge responsibly


Secure and confidential treatment.


Providing services for over 25 years

Ioannis Kakaliouras
Shareholder and Managing Director of Stirixis Consultants

Providing financial services to our clients for the past 25 years.


We continuously develop our skills and knowledge, in order shield your business

from risks and help it grow with the most innovative financial tools and solutions.


We work closely with you to design and implement a comprehensive business development plan for your company.

Reporting - Internal Control

We apply the latest tools and methodologies that a business needs to ensure its compliance with applicable legislation and regulatory framework.


We offer the most reliable solutions for the operation of your company’s finance department.

Intra-Group Transaction Documentation

Experienced Stirixis executives can support you on all issues of Transfer Pricing relating to international taxation.


Our executives provide you with specialized tax advice tailored to your business’ needs.

Real Estate Services

Stirixis provides solutions to all issues relating to real estate management for natural and legal entities, banks and insurance companies.

Payroll management

Our associates specializing in accounting, tax, labour and national insurance matters can manage your company’s payroll.

GDPR Services

We provide you with a complete set of services to ensure smooth implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in your company.


Leveraging its reputation and credibility, Stirixis has developed a substantial

number of long-term trusting relationships with clients from all business sectors