Recording profits, removing risks

At Stirixis, through our many years of experience, we provide your company with the most reliable solutions needed for the proper functioning of your accounting office.

Our basic belief is that through the excellent training of our associates and by continuously updating our accounting practices, we ensure your business’s profit and eliminate risks. Our company can also provide associates for in-house accounting services at your premises.

The Accounting Services we can provide you with:
  • Single and double entry bookkeeping in accordance with Greek and International Accounting Standards
  • Incorporation, Initiation, Modification and Cease of activity, Mergers, Liquidation
  • Organization and supervision of accounting departments
  • Establishment of Companies in Greece, Foreign-Subsidiaries and Branches
  • Reporting (design, development and implementation of financial reports)
  • Internal audit systems planning and design
  • Cost management system implementation
  • Withheld tax returns (VAT, Payroll tax, Self-Employed Professional tax.)
  • End-of-year financial statements
  • Compliance with International Accounting Standards (IAS &  IFRS)
  • Establishing Stirixis as the tax headquarters of your business
  • Processing and fulfilling all transactions with the State (Tax Offices, National Insurance, Chambers of Commerce, etc.)
  • Accounting department management
  • Provision of Tax Headquarters for foreign companies operating in Greece, benefiting from low operating costs and flexibility


With the proper management of your business’ accounting issues, you gain security while saving time, money and effort. Our specialized associates in accounting, tax, labor and insurance, manage every issue as if it was their own.

We enable your business to secure profits and eliminate risk.  Stay with us and we’ll always be by your side!