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Together we "build" the future of your company

Our company name embodies our fundamental values. We support you every step of the way.

We are the Stirixis team. With 10 permanent specialists along with a dynamic team of external partners, we guarantee high quality services and diligent support of your business.
With advanced finance degrees, track records in financial companies of all sizes and extensive experience in accountancy, we are here to serve you. What you will experience by working with us, is the passion we all share for our work.
Our associates stay in constant contact with you to keep you apprised of the latest developments, business opportunities and emerging risks. Our close personal relationships, regular communication and the quality of our services guarantee the success of your business.
We support your growth and success with sophisticated tax, financial and advisory services. We provide you with the financial tools you need, not just to deal with potential risks but to reach the top! We build long-term personal relationships based on trust and devote the time to fully understand your needs and objectives, so we can work with you to draw up your strategy for success. We provide comprehensive tax advisory services for all businesses, but we mainly focus on in-house services, by making our partner a trusted member of your team.

Our company is your best partner!

The latest financial developments for your portfolio!

We are with you every step of the way, dealing with any problem or emergency that might come up. One of our associates will be present in your premises immediately to help you.

We are constantly updated and trained to strengthen your business with the most innovative financial tools that shield and develop it even more.

We closely monitor changes in tax legislation and the financial system in order to help your business adapt to them. Integrity and confidentiality are key pillars underpinning Stirixis’ years of success. Our aim is to continuously win your trust in us.

Why choose us?

Knowledge, Experience, Dedication, Our Values!

At Stirixis we are devoted to every single relationship, in order to achieve the best result possible. There are no “large” and “small” partners, just our common goal to provide the best possible service. We offer our knowledge and innovative thinking, with more than 25 years track record in the field of finance.


Achieving the peak of one’s potential, requires constant commitment to demonstrating professionalism every day, in every way.


Experience is the daily involvement with current affairs, resolving issues as they occur, the unceasing support and advice with which we assist and safeguard you. Our experience protects your business.

Personal approach

The goal is satisfied customers! To achieve this, we take a client-centric approach to managing your accounting needs to ensure we provide a tailored, responsive and complete service. We can also offer in-house accounting services at your premises.


“Knowledge is power” Based on this, we continue training and developing our expertise on a daily basis, in order to spread this knowledge for our customers benefit.


An integral part of our work is listening to you, understand your needs or concerns and provide you with advice on how to properly manage and resolve your issues.


We are constantly developing, improving conditions, updating accounting data, with the best accounting software, as well as qualified staff with experience and commitment to serve. Finally, we are always at your disposal, to support your needs.